7 Personal Wellness Tips When Going Through a Divorce

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Posted August 9, 2023

Divorce is a time when everyone goes through a uniquely difficult personal journey. It is a major landmark in your life’s journey, and typically not a positive one. Most people feel a certain amount of sadness, anger, or disappointment during the process of a divorce, and that’s normal. It’s also normal to neglect your personal wellness in the face of the stress, massive to-do list, and loss of a partner to be well for. 

Fortunately, we live in a time when personal wellness is a peak priority, which gives us the language to talk about the importance of caring for yourself both emotionally and physically during challenging points in your life. Divorce is usually an easy process, but it can help you experience a positive personal transformation and embrace a new chapter of your life as a more independent and actualized version of yourself.

Today, we’re sharing seven personal wellness tips that will help you get through your divorce with your health intact.

1) Speak to Yourself Kindly

One of the first casualties of divorce mediation in Denver is often your opinion of yourself. Many people experience extreme negative self-talk while analyzing where the marriage went wrong. It’s as easy to criticize yourself in the quiet of your own mind as it is to criticize your ex when speaking to friends and family. Usually, a divorce has something to do with both people, but it’s also a perfectly normal occurrence in which your chapter together has ended, for whatever reason, and moving forward is the only option.

Listening to that negative voice in your head can lead down dark paths that you don’t need to delve into. Instead, try to turn around the message. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and resolve to be better. Instead of criticizing yourself, encourage yourself. Instead of putting yourself down, try to build yourself up. Intentionally think positively about yourself and prepare to give yourself another chance at a new solo life.

2) Find Ways to Enjoy Your Own Company

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Often, people put off divorce mediation in Denver because they don’t want to be alone. This can be because it’s hard to spend time with yourself – perhaps because of that inherently negative inner monologue that so many of us carry from an early age. You may get nervous or fidgety alone in the house. You may feel the need to seek out company or new partners just to avoid feeling alone.

Try to enjoy your own company. Find ways to be alone and happy at the same time. You can use the television for company, but music is better. Sing and enjoy your own voice. Clean and enjoy a well-kept environment. Exercise and feel proud of what you can accomplish. Make art and discover your inner process. The better you can enjoy your own company, the better a friend you can be to yourself when restarting without a partner.

3) Take Care Of Yourself for the Pleasure of Being Healthy

If you’ve been taking care of yourself for the primary purpose of being attractive to your partner, it’s time to reprioritize. Especially if that motivation faded along with the romantic bond in your marriage. Being attractive is a good thing, but self-care is best when you can just enjoy being healthy. Make healthy foods, exercise for the joy of moving your body and feeling strong, take showers to feel refreshed, and take time for yourself just to relax.

You should also take time to dress up, tailor your appearance, and go out into the world just for the pleasure of looking and feeling sharp. Being healthy and even putting effort into being attractive are things you can do just for your own enjoyment.

4) Reconnect with Old Friends and Distant Relatives

Divorce is a time to rebuild your social circles. It can be difficult to split your once-shared social circle, but there are also people in your life who do not overlap with your ex. Old friends and now-distant relatives are a great resource when you want to connect with people who cares about you, but who were not involved in the events of your marriage. 

Get back in touch. Discover what they’ve been up to and rebuild that connection with people you were close to in the past. This is also a good time to greet people you are only passingly friendly with at the gym, the coffee shop, or around town and see if a new friendship sparks.

5) Take Up a Hobby Your Ex Never Appreciated

Now is also a great time to try things that your ex would not have enjoyed. If you’ve always wanted to paint, but it was too messy for your ex, or you’ve always wanted to go urban exploring but they weren’t an explorere, don’t hold back. Everyone says to get a hobby during or after your divorce mediation in Denver, and you have every reason to now explore parts of your personality and passions that didn’t have a place in your marriage.

Now you are you without the marriage, with all the potential for talent, adventure, and unique tastes that took the back-burner before. Try something new, or try a new thing every month.

6) Redecorate, Rearrange, or Redesign

Part of mental wellness during a divorce mediation in Denver can involve creating a new environment, one that does not reflect the patterns of the previous chapter of your life. You might be surprised, but just rearranging the furniture can make your home and your routine feel completely different. Change the art on the walls, hang different curtains, and try new floorplans with your furniture.

This can actually help you form new mental patterns and ways of thinking about your day. It will become easier to stop lingering in past events that happened in this room or that one when you change the feel of each space or think about each piece of furniture.

7) Cook New and Interesting Recipes

Lastly, explore your palette. Married couples often get into an uncreative mealtime routine at home, making old-reliable recipes that are guaranteed not to cause strife. But on your own, you can take a few more risks in the kitchen. Try new recipes for flavors that you know you like. Try recipes you’ve always wanted to but your ex wasn’t into it. Try new ingredients, new flavor blends, and find out what you like best about new realms of at-home cuisine.

You can also order takeout from new restaurants and start a foodie adventure now that you’re not limited to the tastes of your partner.

Align Your Life for a New Chapter

It can be tempting to slow down, get depressed, and lose track of yourself during a divorce. Negative self-talk and feeling isolated can drag you down, but now is an important time to take care of both your mental and physical well-being. 

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