5 Tips for Creating an Effective Parenting Plan

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted October 17, 2016

Parenting Plan Tips - Aurora Divorce MediationWhen you draw up a parenting plan, it's important to get it right. This plan will govern all important child care issues, including child custody. Split Simple recognizes the importance of parenting plans and works with all parties to ensure the best possible plan is crafted.

Here are five things to keep in mind when approaching a mediation session to draw up a parenting plan:

  • It's important to keep calm and remember your priorities. You want what's best for your child. You don't want to “win.”
  • Assemble all relevant financial information. This will make it easier to draw up child support schedules and other important provisions of the plan.
  • Present a united front. You and your spouse might not live together any more, but you are still parents, and you need to ensure that your child knows that. Make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to disciplinary issues.
  • Coordinate your schedules and travel arrangements so your child's educational and extracurricular activities are covered.
  • Stay flexible. Mediation can solve any problem, provided both parties are willing to work with our attorney-mediators and get creative to solve problems.

The good news is that our attorney-mediators have years of experience with parenting plans and other child care issues. We know how to craft effective parenting plans that earn a judge's approval and meet everyone's needs.

If you live in or around Aurora, Colorado and you want to speak to Split Simple about parenting plans and other issues that arise during a divorce,  please call Split Simple today at 855-665-9920 for a free consultation.