5 Questions to Ask a Divorce Mediator.

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted May 2, 2024

Planning a divorce is never easy, but some divorces go much more smoothly than others. Often, this is because spouses have decided to work together and split with the help of a Denver divorce mediator instead of diving into courtroom combat. Of course, Denver divorce mediation is also less familiar a process because there haven’t been a thousand mediations depicted on television. If you’re ready to conduct an amicable divorce that leaves both ex’s ready to start a new life separately, the best place to start is by asking a divorce mediator a few key questions.  

At Split Simple, we have mediated hundreds of divorces, and are always ready to answer questions before, during, and after your Denver divorce mediation sessions. Here are the five questions you should ask and that we have often answered for our clients.

1) What Are Your Qualifications as a Divorce Mediator?

Split Simple mediators are mediator-attorneys. Each one of our mediators is a licensed divorce attorney. This means that your mediator will not only be able to help you resolve conflicts, they can also help you split assets, design a child custody agreement, and draw up a divorce contract that is in compliance with the law and will be accepted by the court.

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While there are no mandatory requirements for divorce mediators in Colorado, we believe that the best Denver divorce mediation service comes from an attorney who understands both the human and legal sides of the divorce process. Because of this, our mediator-attorneys are also better-equipped to handle truly challenging cases in which spouses must disentangle complex assets, shared businesses, or unusual custody requirements with beneficial and legally correct solutions.

2) Can You Make a Divorce Fair?

Denver divorce mediation is the best way to draft a fair divorce. In our culture, it can be hard to imagine a divorce that’s fair because tradition pushes both spouses to fight for any advantage with the help of opposing divorce lawyers. In fact, divorce lawyers are obligated to advocate completely for their individual clients without considering the other person. 

This is why spouses who want to separate amicably and fairly often seek Denver divorce mediation. In mediation, exes share divorce attorney, and the goal is to build a post-divorce life in which both spouses live comfortably and share equal parenting of any children. Through mediation, we can easily help you split your assets fairly, prioritizing things like favorite possessions and personal accounts. 

It is possible to craft a fair divorce, and Denver divorce mediation is the best way to achieve this goal.

3) What About Our Kids?

Child custody is an important part of any divorce. Modern custody agreements favor shared custody with 50/50 parenting time whenever possible. Because every family is unique, our Denver divorce mediator will help you build a custody schedule and terms that best fit family lifestyles and needs. We can help you adapt your custody agreement based on whatever conditions are affecting your family. 

Unusual work schedules, parents who live far away from each other, and children who want to stay in the same school are among the most common challenges that a well-crafted custody agreement may need to tackle. If child support is necessary, we will work out the fair amount based on relative incomes and guardianship time. A good custody schedule should also be flexible enough to adapt as children grow up and family schedules change.

Our divorce mediators are also able to work directly with your children and teens to hear their preferences. They can send a letter or attend a special Denver divorce mediation session which creates a safe space for self-expression. We can then do our best to include those preferences in the custody agreement structure.

4) How Do You Handle Conflicts?

Conflicts are a normal part of any divorce, even when both spouses want to find the best solution. Fortunately, mediators specialize in resolving conflicts in a few different ways.  Some conflicts can be resolved simply by seeking a mathematically fair solution, so both parties know they are not getting shorted in the deal. Other conflicts need to be talked out, and a mediator can help you get to the root of your motivations. This might be fear of losing your home, the desire to hold onto meaningful items, or even the desire for the other person to give up something valuable.

Conflicts can be resolved if both people ultimately want the divorce to be productive and lead to two separately functional lives. Whenever there is a conflict, our mediator-attorneys will help the clients determine what really matters and find a solution that is either satisfying or an acceptable compromise.

5) What is Unique When a Couple Has a Larger Estate to Split?

The larger your estate, the more assets there are to separate. This may require more sessions than usual to itemize assets and determine the best way to split them between spouses. Dealing with a shared business or shared investments can complicate issues, but we have experience handling this type of challenge. 

There is also an upside to larger estates to split; there are more assets that can be used to fairly divide the household’s value between two people. Bank accounts are liquid capital, and therefore the best to separate, while retirement funds with a penalty for early access are best when separated by person using other assets to balance any difference in value. Sentimental items can be divided between spouses while unsentimental assets can be sold or more casually divided to balance the scales.

Clients with a larger estate to split can expedite the process by preparing portfolios and reviewing their assets before Denver divorce mediation sessions. The mediator will then help spouses separate assets that are personally meaningful or in each client’s names separately, then guide separation of less meaningful assets to ensure a fair division as part of the divorce.

Answer All Your Divorce Mediation Questions with Split Simple

If you are ready to divorce and want to learn more about divorce mediation options, contact us today. Our experts are glad to answer questions as part of your consultation, and you are welcome to ask questions throughout the Denver divorce mediation process to better understand the solutions and outcomes. Split Simple is here to help you achieve a fair divorce that helps both exes and all children involved live well after the split.

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