4 Things Women Need to Consider During a Divorce in Denver

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Posted January 2, 2020

As a woman, you have a unique perspective during a divorce–and you want to make sure that all of your needs and your children’s needs are taken care of when the divorce is final. You don’t just want to consider the immediate division of assets or custody. You must also consider a few important factors. 

1. How could your education or previous income impact the resolution of your divorce?

Some judges buy into the stereotype that a woman who has been a stay-at-home mom throughout much of her life doesn’t have the means to fully support her children. If you’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a long time, especially if you lack the certifications or experience you need to easily return to the workforce, a judge may give more weight to your former spouse in custody concerns due to your spouse’s ability to provide for your children. Make sure, as you’re planning your divorce, that you take your education, certifications, and job history into account–and that you have a plan prepared that will help you deal with any issues that arise following your Denver divorce mediation. Consider:

  • Do you need to return to school or get a new certification before heading back to the workforce?
  • How long will it take for you to make yourself employable? For example, if you need a four-year degree, your education and training might take longer than if you can go back to the workforce with a two-year degree or an additional certification. 
  • What is your plan for providing for your children while you receive that training? How will you handle childcare? What about paying for the things you need? Having a solid plan in place can make you appear more favorable. 

2. Carefully consider whether you can afford the family home.

Many women, especially women with children, are eager to keep the house during a divorce. In fact, it might be at the top of your list of considerations when you’re planning before your Denver divorce mediation. It’s your home, and the place where your children are most comfortable. You might even feel that you’ve contributed more to maintaining and decorating that home than your former spouse.

Before you decide that you definitely want the house in your divorce settlement, however, carefully consider whether you can actually afford it. Does your income allow you to finish paying off the house? Also consider:

  • Home maintenance tasks
  • The potential cost of repairs
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • The cost (including time cost) of yard upkeep

Many women find that, when they actually run the numbers, their family home is less affordable on a single income than they thought. Downsizing might add another layer of emotional strain during an already-difficult time, but it may also significantly decrease the strain on your finances later.

3. What’s the best option for your kids when it comes to custody?

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During the Denver divorce mediation, it’s critical that you keep your kids’ best interests at heart–even if it doesn’t necessarily match what you, personally, want. Sure, you’d like to keep your kids with you, ideally as much as possible. Sometimes, however, that might not be what’s best for your child. Carefully consider:

Will staying with your spouse make it possible for your child to stay in a specific school? This is especially important for high school students, who may be very invested in after-school activities, clubs, and friends. 

Does your post-divorce schedule allow you to give your children the care they really need? If, for example, you’re attempting to attend classes while still working and caring for your children, you may find that time is in short supply. In some cases, you may find it better to work with your spouse to reach an agreement that works for everyone involved.

Who does your child really want to stay with? Listen carefully to your child’s desires, especially when it comes to the things that your child doesn’t want to say out loud. Carefully help create a plan that keeps your child’s needs and best interests at the forefront, even if it isn’t what’s easiest for you. 

4. Make sure you have the right paperwork in hand (and that you change things to your name if necessary). 

Carefully think through everything that your spouse handled during your marriage. Did your spouse, for example, take care of paying all of the bills? What about taking on home maintenance tasks, even if your spouse’s idea of “home maintenance” was just calling a local handyman? Before the Denver divorce mediation is final, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork in hand and, if necessary, swapped over to your name. This could include:

Changing the name on accounts related to the home. The electric bill, your garbage man, and the water bill, for example, should all be in your name before the divorce is final, if you stay in the house you inhabited with your spouse. You should also update your homeowner’s insurance policy in your own name. 

Changing the information on your bank accounts and credit cards. When you divorce your spouse, you no longer share finances–and that means separating all of your accounts. Some banks may require both of you to be present to take one person’s name off of the account, but you can always open new accounts if needed. 

Checking all the paperwork on your home, vehicle, and appliances. Make sure that your vehicle is in your name and that you have the title. Your vehicle insurance also needs to be in your name alone. Check warranties for your home and any major appliances in the house, and make sure you have copies of them if relevant. 

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