11 Practical Tips for Helping Children Wear Masks When Visiting

Posted February 24, 2021

Visitation is an essential element of child custody agreements in Denver divorce mediation, and of co-parenting in general. Visitation allows for a growing parent-child relationship no matter where a child primarily lives.  Even 50/50 custody splits include visitation when a child lives for long periods of time with one parent

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How to Minimize the Value of Your Must-Have Divorce Assets

Posted February 17, 2021

Splitting up assets in a divorce is about more than who “gets” the house or car. Often, spouses get caught up in the idea of maintaining the pre-marriage lifestyle or getting stuff that makes their ex jealous of the split. Television drama divorces lead us to make these assumptions but

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8 Signs That Your Divorce Needs New Mediated Terms

Posted February 3, 2021

During Denver divorce mediation, we try to write up a divorce agreement that will work for both parties indefinitely. Ideally, divorce finalizes an emotional and logistical separation of two lives. The terms you set up at that moment depended on the income, potential, and lifestyle you had at the time.

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