Involving Children in Your Divorce – When and How to Do It Right

Posted October 22, 2020

Most people would say that children should be kept out of the divorce proceedings and, most of the time, they’d be right. Denver divorce mediation is a personal experience between a separating married couple, and children usually benefit psychologically when they are clear of any negative feelings or interactions. But

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8 Tips to Make Virtual Parenting Time Really Work

Posted October 15, 2020

The recent pandemic situation has brought an existing child custody issue into the spotlight: What do co-parents do when it’s impossible to get your quality parenting time in person? Traditionally, this is an issue of distance and time. Children may not be able to travel between parent homes rapidly enough

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Posted October 8, 2020

Denver, CO –, an organization focused on assisting Denver based individuals with uncontested divorce mediation, announced Emily Townsend as the winner of their $500 scholarship contest. Emily is currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Social Work at Western Michigan University with a focus in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children

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