The Stages of Conflict & Divorce

Posted August 27, 2020

Just like when someone dies and people go through the stages of grief, divorce has stages of both grief and conflict that most couples experience. Divorce is considered one of the most profound psychological stressors because it changes so many aspects of life. Even the most amicable divorces have significant

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Handling Your Mortgage During a Divorce

Posted August 20, 2020

Many of our clients come to us with mortgages. This makes perfect sense, of course- married couples live together, and many of them choose to buy a home. However, this does present certain complications, and one of the most common questions we receive is, “What are we going to do

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Rebuilding Your Co-Parenting Plan for The “New Normal”

Posted August 6, 2020

The recent pandemic turned a lot of Denver divorce mediation agreements on their heads, especially when it comes to child custody. Who has the kids suddenly became “Who’s locking down with the kids?”. Traveling to trade custody became risky-to-impossible. Not to mention the huge career/financial impact felt by parents across

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