The New Tax Laws Are Changing Divorce

Posted June 27, 2019

Alimony payments are spousal support payments made to allow both spouses to maintain the standard of living they are accustomed to. During a marriage, it’s common for one spouse to stay at home and care for children while the other spouse gains further education and establishes a career. Alimony payments

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How Long After a Divorce Before You Can Remarry in CO?

Posted June 12, 2019

If you are getting a divorce, then sooner or later you will be thinking about moving on. While some divorcees have been “burned” and avoid future relationships, others are likely to go “on the market” quickly. Some states have legal minimum waiting periods. Colorado is not one of those states.

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Finances of Divorce: Equitable Distribution

Posted June 5, 2019

When you decide to file for an uncontested divorce in Chicago, the court does not award half of the assets and debts to each spouse. Instead, the court equitably divides the property. Some property is considered “non-marital.” This means that either spouse solely owns that property. That property is set

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