10 Questions to Ask Your Denver Divorce Attorney About Family Law

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Posted February 16, 2022

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When getting divorced, it’s important to find the right legal professional to help with the process. You will need your documents checked, disagreements settled, and assistance with financial splitting. You will also need someone to give you good advice and shares an understanding of your values. When you start touring Denver family law attorneys for a divorce lawyer, you will want to make sure you’re a good fit.

It is absolutely vital to find a divorce lawyer that understands you and will help pursue the divorce in a way that works for you. Not to mention that hiring legal services can often be a maze of financial baffles that hide the final price. For these reasons, it’s important to ask a few essential questions of your divorce attorney before you start your lawyer-client relationship and entrust them with your divorce.

1. “How many years of family law have you practiced? Are divorces your specialty or part of your body of work?”

First, it’s always a good idea to ask about experience. Discover if you’re dealing with someone who’s new and fresh in the game or an old hat who knows all the tricks. A Denver family law attorney may have seen their way around the legal domestic block a few times. Someone who has done a lot of family law has extra experience in things like custody, prenups, restraining orders, and juvenile misbehavior. Someone who has specialized primarily in divorces will have everything you need smooth and ready to go.

2. “Can you handle my business/property/assets in the divorce?”

It’s important to find a divorce lawyer who understands the challenges of your finances. This is one of the leading reasons that people need a divorce lawyer; to unsnarl shared assets into a mutually fair settlement. You have good reason to ask the family law attorney if they have experience managing your specific types of assets. This is especially true if your shared assets are complex, like a family business, investments, and trusts.

3. “Do you practice collaborative divorce or mediation?”

Collaborative divorce takes the conflict out of the divorce process. Not all Denver divorce lawyers can accommodate you if you want a conflict-free divorce agreement. Many stick to the tradition of two-spouses, two-lawyers, and both sides compete to come out on top. For a more peaceful divorce experience, you can seek a divorce mediator or a Denver family law attorney who can handle collaborative divorce proceedings.

4. “How can I estimate your costs to complete my divorce?”

Cost is always an important concern in a divorce. The last thing you want is to come out of the separation with all your reserve money spent on unexpected legal fees. The more straightforward a family law attorney is, the more likely they will stick to a fair price. Ask to see quotes, costs by the hours, and roughly what to expect from your divorce prospects. Many great divorce legal services offer standard packages and flat fees or an easy-to-understand session system without hidden or surprise divorce lawyer costs.

5. “Do you know my spouse or their attorney?”

It’s always important to know if your divorce professional is familiar with your spouse – or your spouse’s attorney. Early familiarity can skew their opinion and perspective on the situation, but a passing awareness may not be an issue. Don’t be afraid to ask and have an open conversation about whether the Denver family law attorney knows, or has a previous relationship with your spouse or their legal team. In a conflict divorce, keeping the teams separate is important. In a collaborative divorce, working together is more important.

6. “Can you help me directly negotiate with my spouse?”

Some divorce lawyers do not permit a policy of direct negotiation. They would rather all negotiations happen at scheduled conference tables. If you and your ex are amicable, you should be able to negotiate directly and take your agreed terms to your divorce lawyer in addition to the traditional combative divorce negotiation style.

7. “What is your strategy for my case?”

Always ask your divorce lawyer what their actual strategy is for completing your divorce. This will give you an insight both on their priorities and an outline of the hours they plan to put into your case. From here, you can discuss what you think of the strategy and why each piece is or is not necessary.

8. “How long do you think this divorce will take?”

Another estimate you want to get is timeline. Divorces can drag on, if you let them, which also stacks up those cumulative lawyer fees. Make sure that you know exactly how many hours you’re preparing to pay for based on the timeline for your divorce to completion now. It’s understandable if your lawyer has other caseloads, but only very complex divorces need to take an extended period of time to complete. Especially when both spouses agree.

9. “How frequently should I expect to hear back from you?”

Communication is key. You need to know just how responsive your chosen Denver family law attorney will be. Will they return an email within the day, or within the hour? Do they respond more readily with texts or live chat? How long should you wait after sending a message to send another one? Be sure to ask the questions that matter to you most. Discover how each firm you interview handles calls, contact, and urgent case reports.

10. “Will I be working with you or other people in the firm?”

Finally, ask if your case will be handled by a team or just the attorney you’ve been speaking to. Law firms often put a partner or associate on the intake interview, then assign paralegals to do most of the work. You might enjoy the paralegals. You might pay a lesser rate for a team instead of a partner. Or you might be counting on real partner energy in your divorce. Asking who will handle your divorce is important for any multi-lawyer firm.

Denver family law attorney or divorce mediation?

If you are currently planning a divorce in Denver, which legal option is best for your needs? For a combative and courtroom divorce style, a Denver family law attorney is who you’ll want to hire. However, if you and your ex can handle a negotiation across the same table, Denver divorce mediation can offer a more positivity-focused, practical, and clearly priced alternative. Contact SplitSimple today for the divorce legal services you need without the drama or expense.

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