Legal Separation

Uncontested Divorce Mediation


What Is The Divorce Separation Process In Chicago?

What Is Unique About The Divorce Separation Process In Chicago?

As of January 1st, 2016 there have been changes made to the legislature that is called the Illinois Marriage & Dissolution of Marriage Act. These changes are quite monumental, sweeping, and far-reaching in scope and will provide an entirely new landscape for divorce lawyers in Illinois. This is different from anything they have ever known before.

What Does a Legal Separation Mean?

Many Colorado couples are curious about legal separation. You might have heard this term and you might want to know what goes into becoming legally separated. Is it right for you?

Here's what you should take away from the concept of the legal separation- it's not easier than a divorce. There's no "common law separation." You can't live apart from your spouse for a certain period of time and thus become legally separated.

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