About the Divorce Mediators at Split Simple

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Our Divorce Mediators Want What’s Best for You

We’ve seen how the traditional divorce process fails families. A divorce is an inherently stressful, unpleasant situation, but the stresses of a courtroom can dramatically and unnecessarily exacerbate the situation.

Expensive divorce attorneys who charge by the hour and have interests that don’t always align with yours. Overworked, uninterested judges who will make sweeping decisions that affect your life and the life of your children.

This is the reality for too many people going through a divorce. But it doesn’t have to be your reality. At Split Simple, our divorce mediators have found a better way – a transparent way that provides you with price predictability and a skilled attorney-mediator who is committed to working through the issues you and your spouse are facing.

If you’re considering a divorce and you’re looking for a better way, please call Split Simple today at (855) 665-9920.

What to Know about Split Simple

Our effective, proven uncontested divorce process prioritizes your time and money. We won’t waste either with needless haggling or bickering. Instead, our divorce attorney-mediators located in Denver and Chicago work in a calm, objective fashion to resolve disputes and find a fair and equitable solution.

This means working out common child care issues, including child support and custody arrangements. We know how important your child’s future is to you, and we act accordingly.

And it means establishing a completely transparent and predictable pricing plan. As you can see, we place our prices online for you to examine beforehand. And we will answer any questions you might have in that exact same spirit of fairness and transparency. Our divorce mediators don’t charge by the hour or leave you in the dark regarding what you can expect to pay.

The statistics show that our uncontested divorce process saves you money in the long run over a traditional divorce.

About Our Divorce Attorney-Mediators

All of this is made possible by the attorney-mediator handling our case. Trained and experienced in family law, our attorney-mediators have transitioned to the field of mediation, where we work hand-in-hand with both parties to reach a divorce settlement that will be approved by a judge.

You can read more about our first attorney-mediator, Chris Griffith, here. And we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions regarding experience and philosophy.

If you want to speak with a divorce attorney-mediator about pursuing an uncontested divorce in Denver or our Chicago divorce mediation, please call Split Simple today at (855) 665-9920.

Divorce Mediators and Divorce Attorneys Located in Chicago and Denver

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